The lonely piano

You never know what you will run into hiking in the woods. About 2 weeks later we had a little earthquake and it collapsed this piano into dust. Vassanta and I passed it together at just the right time. Perfect kind of magic.


Merrique in the Oaks

It’s been awhile… but here’s some new work with Merrique. There’s never just ONE to pick, so enjoy them all. Why not?


Some amazing bends!

I’m still shooting often. Just decided to take a break from the computer one day and it turned into a year. How did that happen? I have a backlog of work to catch up on… and probably a lot of models wondering where I disappeared to. I haven’t forgotten!

Here are a couple images I made with Jasmina, an incredibly bendy yoga instructor + awesome model.

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman - model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman – model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman - model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman – model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman - model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman – model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman - model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman – model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman - model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman – model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman - model: Jasmina

© 2014 Zoe Wiseman – model: Jasmina

And of course no photo making is ever complete unless Ollie gets in the frame.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you to everyone who made an impact on my photography this year! I love you all! I hope you are all nestled by the chimney with care surrounded by those you love.

Every Christmas I make a donation to the Weingart Center for the Homeless. I hope you’ll join me in helping the homeless of skid row move on to a better life. Having nearly 51,000 homeless people on any given night, Los Angeles is the “Homeless Capital of the Country”. We all need to take a stand against this staggering fact. They provide a way up by helping them find jobs and other programs. It’s not just a bed for a night or food for an afternoon. They actually do something and without prejudice. Help the homeless this season please!

Enjoy a photo I made recently in Australia with Kat Love.

© 2013 Zoe Wiseman - model: Kat Love

© 2013 Zoe Wiseman – model: Kat Love

My work on Your Daily Photograph

your daily photograph

featured on your daily photograph

It’s been so long! How are you? I’ve been in Australia at my yearly artist retreat. While I was away I got word that my work had been featured by the Duncan Miller Gallery in their newly formed website set to promote the work of contemporary, vintage and other well known images made by photographers. I was pleased to see the photo I made with Jazmine Dominique hanging out with Muhammad Ali. I think she looks just as strong. Kind of interesting seeing those images next to each other. Feminine and Masculine power. Nicely chosen, curators… nicely chosen. Their new site is called Your Daily Photograph and the images they’re sending out are superb. Masters and contemporary, emerging and vintage. You can subscribe to their site and get images delivered to your inbox daily.

Do so before my next image gets sent out! Which will be soon they tell me. I’ll post again when it’s up so you can see. Please click the image to be taken to the feature on their website where you can see the other images chosen.

Until then…





Bamboo Forest

Here’s some new work with Claudine in my secret bamboo forest.

Shot with Ilford 50 and Kodak TriX with a Nikon FM and a Diana.


ChemTrails Conspiracy

Catchy titles for blog posts keep me entertained. You must entertain yourself at all costs or life gets zombied.

Claudine visited California recently and we caught some images and some chem trails. All images shot with a RolleiFlex on Ilford PANF Plus 50 120.

We also visited my secret bamboo forest. I’ll post some of those soon. Enjoy!

Polaroid Type 55 with the Floof

© 2013 Zoe Wiseman - model: Floofie

© 2013 Zoe Wiseman – model: Floofie


I had plans to go out to the sand with Floofie for our shoot last week but catching a silly cold prevented that. So we stayed in and made some Polaroid Type 55 images. Yes, I still have a stash luckily. It doesn’t like to get warm so I have to press the film against the freezer wall right before I insert it into the film holder. It’s getting very finicky. I like the torn look and don’t really mind unless it’s messing with the composition. I’m glad to still be working with the film and thanking my foresight when it came to stockpiling it before the demise. For now I don’t need to start shooting regular 4×5 film and developing later. I like the on the spot developing. It makes me happy. I obtained a minute amount of solarization on this shoot and I’m super stoked about that. I usually get it easily with the Polaroid Type 85 I use with my Holga and Polaroid Back, so maybe the aging process is lending more funk to the film. I’ll take it.

So, enjoy the shoot…